Who is this service for?

All sizes and types of businesses need access to independent Coaching support to develop people in line with the business growth strategy.

While executives might have input from Boards, Advisory Committees, peers and colleagues, family and friends; there still exists a huge gap when it comes to objective feedback and support. Executive Coaching has been successful in providing the missing link, thereby filling the gap, and providing a perspective focused on your business needs, goals, passions, and unique characteristics.

Tailored and Bespoke

Because every individual is unique the services are tailored to each person and company's requirements to provide practical coaching and mentoring that will include, but not limited to, career development, relationship enhancement, decision making, time management, personal growth.


Coaching develops awareness and better understanding of self and others. Business benefits include:

  • Higher personal and organisational performance/productivity.
  • Increased creativity, learning and knowledge.
  • Enhanced self-esteem leading to increased motivation for self and team.
  • Recognition of talents and potential for development and succession planning.
  • Demonstrates commitment to individuals and their personal development.
  • Facilitation towards a new or different culture/management style.

Executive Coaching forms the basis of a powerful partnership, which typically begins when the leader is in quandary and feels stymied. In today's fast-paced, highly stressful business environment, leaders are faced with a multitude of challenges ranging from business decisions, team dynamics, introducing change, corporate culture and ethical issues ... the list goes on.

Areas Addressed

By partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, some of the common business topics are:

  • Facilitation of change and innovation
  • Influencing others to get things done
  • Relationships and team motivation
  • Transaction analysis (OK Modes model)
  • Assertiveness and self-confidence
  • Building charisma – and using it
  • Time management matrix – urgent v important
  • Action centred leadership
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