Not surprisingly, many businesses can’t justify an HR department or full time HR professional.

So, to address the need for part-time or ad-hoc HR support we provide a range of services at Board level to deliver pragmatic and professional hands on advice and solutions. These services are delivered either by phone or face to face to ensure your employment issues are dealt with in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Managing Performance

Our aim for performance management is to set workable processes that ensure that individuals contribute to your business objectives. A simple performance review / Appraisal system brings together many elements of good people management practice, including learning and development, measurement of performance and behaviour in line with the expectations of each job role, along with organisational development.

Where performance is slipping or has become poor, we will advise on the options available and work with you to rectify the situation.


By working with you to really understand your plans, business aims and objectives, the roles that are needed to achieve these goals will become clear. This clarity maximises the likelihood of success in finding the type of people to fit your organisation well for your future demands.

We provide as much of a fully managed recruitment process as you want – at a rate that will surprise you. From accessing appropriate job boards and managing the responses through interviewing, conducting psychometric assessments to the point of offer we provide an individual and thorough service to find the people that stand out for you. Training can also be provided so that you and your team can interview with consistency and confidence.

Managing Change

It's a known fact that individuals need Certainty and Significance to thrive so change can sometimes appear difficult and daunting which is why so many change programmes fail to achieve their intended outcome. By providing a framework of clarity and communication, change can be achieved effectively.

Advice and guidance on understanding where the business is now, where it needs to get to and the steps that are needed to get there are what we do. Developing a change model that is appropriate and taking the business through the process is our recipe for success.

Resolving Disputes

Unfortunately disputes arise – between original business founders, shareholders, family owners, managers and staff. In such circumstances we seek to understand the issues, advise on an appropriate course of action and work with you to resolve the issue.

This may involve carrying out an investigation, hearing a grievance or appeal, arbitrating or mediating between the parties. Through our training and experience we provide an independent perspective and a safe environment in which to resolve disputes for the long term.

Resolving Employment Law Issues

Given the dynamic nature of organisations we tend to deal with a large range of employment issues through our retainers. We aim to develop long term relationships with our clients which we do through providing appropriate and pragmatic advice when dealing with a variety of employment issues.

We will always ask you what you want to achieve and will formulate solutions that work for you and the business while satisfying the relevant legal frameworks. We can support you through the process or work with you to achieve the preferred outcome.

Contracts and Handbooks

Legally employees need a contract of employment on or before the first day of starting their new job. Most up to date employment contracts have some common areas within them and yet many businesses need additional clauses to suit and protect the service or products that you provide.

We know, from experience, what questions to ask within different industries in order to build documents to suit each business and its unique set of circumstances.

Staff Handbooks which codify your operating principles provide the workforce with clarity of the rules and regulations of the business but also provide consistency so that individuals understand the framework by which they all work and are treated fairly.

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